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Notes for contributors

Please send all submissions and enquiries to the journal's editors:

Professor Dr. Peter Schenk (Peter.Schenk[at]

(Latin literature),

Institut für Altertumskunde der Universität zu Köln, D-50923 Köln


Professor Dr. Stephan Schröder (st.schroeder62[at]

(Greek literature)

Institut für Alte Sprachen der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,

Kochstraße 4/1, D-91054 Erlangen


The journal accepts contributions in German, English, French, Italian and Latin.

When preparing your contribution for submission, please add a brief abstract (in English or in the language of the article) and follow the journal's guidelines. The most recent version of the RhM notes for contributors can be downloaded here.

To maintain the journal's traditional high academic standards all submissions are reviewed prior to publication by at least two scholars who are experts in the respective fields and who may be members of the editorial board or drawn from a pool of qualified readers.

Upon publication, authors will receive 20 offprints of their publication free of charge as well as a pdf for personal use.

For further information please contact the editors at Peter.Schenk[at]

or st.schroeder62[at]